Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay…  Most of us give these wine labels a quick glance, and, gulp gulp, down it goes.  But… if the wines can come to life, who would they be?  Better yet, if you are a bottle wine, what would you be?! (Actual and Fictional Characters)

Cabernet Sauvignon – The flamboyant show-off

  • I am flashy, colorful and attract everyone around me.
  • I am HOT, I love attention, all eyes on me!
  • Samantha Jones (SATC)

Merlot – The talented nerd

  • I am good at everything I do and I do everything well.
  • People like me for my work, but not my looks, and it would be good to be noticed once in a while…
  • Tina Fey

Pinot Noir – The sensitive romantic

  • I am a hopeless romantic, and believe love at first sight.
  • I get hurt a lot, but I will keep putting myself out there until I find THE ONE!
  • Jennifer Aniston

Zinfandel – The amusing eccentric

  • I’m oddly interesting in my own way, and it takes time to get to know me.
  • People that understand me love me!  People that don’t understand me… can go screw themselves!
  • Zooey Deschanel

Sauvignon Blanc – The innocent 

  • I am pure, and believe in the best of everyone.
  • I am a virgin.
  • Baby (Dirty Dancing)

Chardonnay – The split personality

  • I’m super friendly and love everyone, and I hope everyone will love me too!
  • Don’t talk to me, leave me alone…
  • The Hulk

Riesling – The cute & simple

  • I am cute, everyone likes me because I am cute, I like to take pictures of myself because I am cute.  I don’t think much, I just think that I’m cute.
  • Meg Ryan (Any 90's movie)