Last Minute - 5 WineO Chardonnay Tickets

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Copy of WineO Club
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Last Minute - 5 WineO Chardonnay Tickets

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WineO Chardonnay -  6/15/19 @ 3pm

5 Tickets for WineO Chardonnay

JUNE 15th @ 3pm

Spaces are limited so please sign up fast! All attendees must be at least 21 years old. 

* ~ 8-10 Different wines

* Wine pairings with pizza, popcorn, cheese, and more…

* FUN Games

* Pre-Market wines (you get to taste before it goes public)

* Learn how to read wine labels

* Learn the different types of Chardonnays (around the world)

* Learn fun facts about Chardonnay

All sales final. No cancellations. No rescheduling allowed. No 3rd party sites may be used to purchase/credit towards this event.


New York: 8 East 36th St. 3rd Floor, Midtown District, NY

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